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hiawatha loom questions...

...not sure if anyone can help.

being a 'knifty-knitter', i was drawn to this little gadget i found at my local thrift store, unsure what it was exactly, but very intrigued all-the-same:

mine is the 60's blue color, has the bottom lid, these little gadgets have 4 rows of removable pegs, and mine has *all* the pegs, which is very rare, i have discovered.

also, i bought it for a song; a real steal, apparently, considering the prices i've seen them going for while researching it on the net! yay, me!

now the problem is, finding an instruction manual, or someone who perhaps knows how to use it who is willing to impart such info (or who knows a website with easy-to-follow instructions, for i have failed in my search!)

i'm especially interested in trying to make 'star' shapes with it, as i understand can be done, as opposed to the traditional 'flower' shapes.

anyone have any suggestions?
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