Espoir Perdu (espoirperdu) wrote in loom_knitters,
Espoir Perdu

Checker board patterns

Is it possible to do them on looms? Like, not just a basket weave or ribbed stitching. I'm talking about doing one square one color, then the next one a different color. Also, without having to do just one row of squares, then another one and then stitching them together or whatever.

I've looked and looked online for a way to do them but I've had no luck.
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yes there is I've seen some hats done that way. lemme see if I can find them in the forums I belong too.
The help is very much appreciated.
Hey I'm sorry the group that had the pattern seems to have dissolved. I'm asking in another of my yahoo groups if anyone there knows what you're looking for.
I would do it like this :

cast on using one colour for the whole row making sure the number of stitches is easily able to divide by the width of your squares size (example is if you want your squares to be 8 stitches wide and you want 8 squares along the width then cast on 8 stitches x 8 squares = 64 stitches)

row 1 : knit row
row 2 : tie new colour through the back of the stitch on peg 9 which will be the start of your first colour change, knit 8 in first colour, knit 8 in second colour (tip - when changing colour always pass the colour you are changing TO 'OVER" the colour you are changing FROM so that the colour change stitch falls at the back of the fabric.

keep going along each row letting the working yarn flow neatly behind your squares. It doesnt matter that there are large 'loops' behind your work, after you have finished knitting your entire piece you can cut them, tie them off and weave in the ends to the back of the fabric OR you can do two pieces and sew them back to back so that all the yarn tails and colour change loops are behind the work.

Hope this helps, lots more ideas like this on my group :


See, I've gotten a description like this from someone else before...but it just seems that I can't grasp the concept of how to do it with just words. I so wish I could find a video showing how to accomplish this. >_
what sort of things have you made already?
Scarves and hats (I haven't really had time for larger projects). Why?
I've been wanting to do a checkered scarf and a vertical striped scarf.
Along with a checkered (both a baby one and a larger, afghan one) blanket.