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squeak, help! baby blanket on rectangular loom

I have some basic knitting and crochet know how (but not enough). My grandmother pointed me toward circular knitting looms to aid in making hats more easily. She was right, this is wonderful, I'm enjoying this more than traditional needles. It's easier on my hands and arms as well. I've made 2 simple hats. I'm hooked! I'd love to explore the various ways I can use each loom, but first I have a project to finish-a baby blanket.

I haven't done anything as 'complex' as increasing or decreasing stitches, I don't even know what stitch I was doing when I did the hat I just followed the simple instructions that came with the looms. I bought the Knifty Knitter Long Loom set and found a pattern to make a baby blanket on the 'blue loom'. I'm lost, step 1 says wrap and knit off (got that), step 2 is confusing me, do they want me to start crocheting in the middle of loom knitting?? or is this referring to the edging when I'm done? ahh?!? Help, please?

Step 1: Using one strand of yarn, wrap yarn to end peg of loom to secure. Wrap up one side of loom, around end, and down other side. Turn on last peg and wrap going opposite direction and knit off (pulling bottom loop over top loop).
Step 2: Continue wrapping and knitting for 100 rows to make square. To stabilize this loose weave, do single crochet around entire shawl. Crochet 2 single crochet stitches in between each row and 2 single crochet stitches in between each knitted end. Finish with simple shell stitch around single stitch.
Step 3: Create border around shawl. To create the stitch on the sample, chain 3 dc* in same stitch. Skip 2 stitches and dc 4 times in next stitch. Continue around shawl, skipping 2 stitches and doing 2 dc in first row and skipping 2 stitches and doing 4 dc in next stitch. For next row, do dc's in middle of shells.
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