Helen (neat_and_pretty) wrote in loom_knitters,

The Boule Character Toy is finished

Named The Boule because his body is based on a ball and "Ouvrier" which means Handyman in French and is also the word Harvey calls the Hoover :)

30 inches tall made exclusively in stocking stitch ( stockinette for our US friends ) on a 1/2 inch in gauge knitting loom

I feel so proud and Harvey loves him which is the main thing.

Boule can hold things in his hands too like any of his tools, pencil or notepad, stands with the help of his hanging loop or sits unaided.

So if you have been wondering where I have been all week, now you know, I have been avidly working on this character in between all the piles of laundry our family of eight produces, drying it all without a dryer and cooking, then working on this in between and even in my sleep with eyelids propped open :)

Was well worth all the effort, stress and worry that it might not turn out like my drawings but am so chuffed to pieces that it is *exactly* what I had in mind when I started making him.

I am myheartexposed on ravelry if you want to look me up :)

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