daoine_o (daoine_o) wrote in loom_knitters,

easy summertime projects?

i know this community get very little traffic, but i figured i'd try... :)

i was busy making (and selling a few!) rollbrim caps during the winter, but now it's summer, i'm sitting on a *ton* of yarn (both cotton and acrylic), have had my hours cut at *both* my jobs and trying to think of something simple, cute, and clever i could loom-knit and sell to supplement my income. i'm still pretty much a beginner (don't understand much past making rollbrims!) and have the 4-size knifty knitter round loom set. i tried googling and found next to nothing, or *very* complicated items. :(

i can't be alone in this, especially in this economy! :-x

any suggestions?

thanks in advance... :)
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